And Away We Go!

We have officially begun our journey!

Brian took on the duty of picking our first movie, which turned out to be the oft-quoted Alan Ladd Western, Shane. I searched all of our streaming services for the movie that the Western Writers of America voted in 2008 “The Greatest Western Movie of All Time,” beating out classics like High Noon, and The Searchers.

I will admit, we both groaned a bit that our first movie was a Western, not being our usual fare. Maybe we both secretly thought we’d be pulling out something light, or at least something more contemporary. But sticking to our protocol, we were determined to watch the movies we pulled out in order, no procrastinating, as long as we could find them streaming, or at the library.

Unfortunately, we struck out on both accounts. I searched all of our streaming options, and no dice. Shane is not readily available. Brian jumped on the computer to check availability at the library, only to find that there are several holds on it. We would not be watching Shane tonight.

After adding himself to the queue for our first Western, we decided to pick out two more movies to watch this weekend. With a roadblock popping up on our first attempt, choosing two seemed a safe option. I picked our next unseen classic: Das Boot.


Again, a general groan from the both of us. There is a reason these 100 movies have never been screened by either of us. The list is essentially made up of movies we have intentionally avoided. I have heard about Das Boot for years, but I don’t generally run out to see films that are described as “claustrophobic.” Plus, it is a long movie. Five hours, I believe.

I should note that the subtitles are not an issue for Brian or myself. We watch all of our television with subtitles. It increases my enjoyment, I love seeing what changes may have been made between the script and what was shot, and frankly, my hearing is not great. My absolute love of closed captioning will be explored later, as I am sure, as some of the movies on our list will undoubtedly not have that option available. That will frustrate me, and most likely, decrease my enjoyment.

Also, the length of the movie isn’t truly an issue. I searched out the longest version of Wim Wender’s Until the End of the World, and long for the day when I can find the 8 hour version. It’s just the whole “five hours in a cramped submarine” thing that has prevented us from experiencing Das Boot. But that was about to change.

Brian picked the third movie from our jar, which turned out to be something we have had in our Netflix DVD queue for several years, but never allowed to reach the top: Argo. We like everyone involved in this film, and it definitely seems like something we will enjoy.

Fortunately, our second and third choices were available at the library, so we could get started! It was getting toward 8:00 p.m., however, and the prospect of starting a five hour movie that close to my bedtime seemed a bit silly. So, determining that we had Saturday and Sunday to get our Boot on, we put on the Ben Affleck, award-winning Argo. Movie number one in our 2017 Challenge.



Author: 6cutekitties

Bound and determined to watch 121 movies with my husband this year from a variety of "Best Of" lists!

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