Technical Difficulties


We checked out The Great Escape at the public library, as we could not find it streaming. We also picked our next film from the jar, Bringing Up Baby, but have not been able to find it streaming or for check out at the library. I am attempting to not spend money on this project by paying to rent a movie, so we have hit a bit of a delay.

We hooked up our new Roku a few nights ago, but we were unable to get our DVD/VHS player to work when we tried to watch The Great Escape. Today, we finally determiend that the disc is scratched, and we had no choice but to return it to the library, and queue up for their other copy.

Since we are still waiting for Bringing Up Baby, we picked a few more films to get back on track this weekend. So much Hitchcock. I think it’s telling that our jar contains so many Hitchcock films that neither of us have seen. I supposed neither of us has been espcially curious about his ouvre, but we do own a box set of a dozen of his films. Prior to starting this project, we watched Marnie, and it was underwhelming. I actually watched Vertigo in a film class I took several years ago, and it happens to be one that we have in a box set. We had to request Anatomy of a Murder, so backlog continues.

We still needed another weekend movie. It was my turn to choose a random film from the jar which that leads me to Wuthering Heights. We just finished watching it, and it was definitely a movie. Yep. No doubt about that. It was a movie. A movie that I have now seen. So, there’s that.


Author: 6cutekitties

Bound and determined to watch 121 movies with my husband this year from a variety of "Best Of" lists!

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