Bringing Up Baby

Warning: Slapstick ahead!

I love Cary Grant. He had a great talent for using verbal asides and double-takes to send home a joke. Truly, so funny. It doesn’t hurt that he was gorgeous, and seemed like he was having a ball on this one. I am trying to assess this movie without relying on how much I love Cary Grant, because there was a lot of other stuff going on that probably deserves equal attention. There is a leopard named “Baby” that needs to be transported, and a museum that needs funding to keep working on rebuilding a brontosaurus. There is a wealthy woman who takes whatever she wants, and a woman planning to enter a sexless marriage for no apparent reason. Clothes are accidentally ripped, and leopards get loose, and are mistaken for each other. A dog steals a bone and buries it. Look, there is a lot of nonsense going on to get us to the best scene, pictured below. Cary Grant in a fur lined bathrobe. The end.

Cary Grant in a furry bathrobe. The best moment of the movie. 

Katherine Hepburn was good. I am never certain how I am supposed to feel about her dialect. She’s from Connecticut, but she definitely leaned hard into that  Transatlantic Accent that was so popular in the 1930s. I found it to be so fake and off-putting that I was distracted during the entire film. I understand that it was an affect meant to indicate fine breeding and European roots, but every time she spoke, it took me right out of the story. I think the main takeaway for me from Bringing Up Baby is that I want to research why this accent happened, and how it eventually died. I don’t think that is necessarily a ringing endorsement for a movie that makes it into every “Top 100 Films to See Before You Die” list, but that was what made an impression on me.

Overall, it was quite a silly story. I think that this is probably not the kind of movie that the husband and I are going to pursue after watching this one. If this is the best slapstick comedy ever made, I think I have had my fill. There’s only so many tripping over tree branches and mistaken identity jokes that I can handle in my comedy.

Did I mention that Cary Grant is gorgeous? Especially with his smart “I am a zoologist” glasses.

Sexiest actor ever?

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Bound and determined to watch 121 movies with my husband this year from a variety of "Best Of" lists!

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